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His legal name is David Manning but he go by the name of MikAngelosDavid. David always gets asked the question, who or what made him come up with that “stage” name (if you will). The first part of the name refers to the great Renaissance artist Michelangelo. A high point in this multi-talented artists’ life, is the gigantic marble sculpture of David, which just happens to be his name….I guess you can say great minds think alike-speaking of his mom. Just in case you are wondering David is 5’11 and 210 pounds of pure talent. He began his modeling career a little after he ended his military career as an Infantryman in the US Army (laughing out loud) drastic change huh? And you can definitely say that he takes good shots, whether in photos or on the battlefield. His modeling interest were peaked while reading hip-hop and fashion magazines. He saw the male models doing their thing and said to himself, “damn I need to get paid to do this”. Once he was certain about trying out modeling, he took his destiny into his own hands, he started networking with photographers and models all over the country, and it was all history from there. He landed his first gig doing a lingerie fashion show. He’s shy by nature so he was a little nervous at first, but the crowds reaction got his adrenaline pumping, and allowed him to become very comfortable…. According to David, he is extremely confident and comfortable when he is not wearing a lot of clothes. Since then he has had several photo shoots and fashion shows. He is scheduled to do a male fitness calendar with Platinum Publications in Atlanta, GA. He loves being in front of the camera and meeting new people. He would love to do some acting and music videos so to all the R&B and Rap female artists or producers out there, he is ready to be your leading man! Besides modeling he has a degree in criminal justice. He’s a club promoter, and he’s also getting ready to launch a women’s clothing line as a tool to help get his name and face out in the fashion industry. The line is called M.A.D (MikAngelosDavid) Apparel and “Diva’d out” which is David spelled backwards. So as you can see, success is bound to be at his fingertips-one way or another. With God, a will and a way, David knows he “will make it to the top!”

Modeling history

•2003 Feb 15- lingerie fashion show for New wave Productions
•2003 Two Photo shoot with Randy Hurley's Art through a lens
•2003 Top 10 contestant for Fubu’s Male model search
•2004 Online advertisement for Greg Sprenger’s Studio
•2004 Promotion for club Erdal’s
•2004 Ad for Ryan Daniels of Platinum studios
•2004 Photo shoot with David Skuse of Keen Photographics
•2005 Promotion Platinum 25 Night club
•2005 Print for Max Shultz
•2005 Promotion Levi and Strauss clothing
•2005 Three page spread in "Supreme Magazine"
•2005 Creater of "M.A.D Apparel" for Women
•2005 Calendar model for platinum publications
•2005 Star of MTV's "My own"

Work Interest
*Fashion *Casual *Runway *Swimwear *Parts Modeling *Sports *Print/Editorial/Magazine *Actor Film & TV *Commercial & Music Video Acting

Contact info

M.A.D Stats
Born: Feb 23,1980
Birthplace: San Bernardino,CA
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 210 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark brown
Shirt:18" 35-36
Suit:43 Waist: 34
we all know that it takes money to stay fit and look good with that being said I have established the "MikAngelosDavid Maintenance Fund" also known as the "It cost to look good fund" I also said that somebody needs to pay me a million dollars for working so damn hard but I understand not everyone has a million dollars..bit don't feel bad you can still contribute to my fund

Email MikAngelosDAVID2003@YAHOO.COM

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